Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does DBN stand for?

DBN stands for Don’t Be Next, as in don’t be next to pass away. Sharp wit, extremely dry and dark humor are what the founding members and our fallen brothers were renowned for and as a salute to past and future passings, we chose this as the name.

2. How does the foundation disperse the donations received?

Each year the Board members will research different organizations throughout the Greater Rockford area we deem worthy of potential donations. After an intense vetting process, the Board members will vote on what organization will receive that year’s donation.

3. How will The DBN Foundation raise funds?

Funds will be raised through a variety of avenues. Fundraising events such as golf outings, wine tastings, and formal dinners are just a few examples. We will also receive private individual donations as well as corporate funding.

4. Is my donation tax deductible?

The DBN Foundation is a non-for-profit organization. We are recognized a 501c3 Charity. Our EIN: 86-3214480. Please consult your tax advisor as The Foundation does not give tax or legal advice.

5. How do I get more involved?

Simply reach out. The DBN Foundation is always looking for motivated, energetic individuals to bring new perspectives to the conversation. The Foundation would be excited to hear different ideas, from different people from all walks of life.

6. Does the Foundation only focus on Hononegah High School and its causes?

No, The Foundation will be looking at organizations throughout the Greater Rockford area as benefactors.

7. Where do I send a check if I choose to donate and to whom do I make it out to?

The check would be made payable to The DBN Foundation or The Don’t Be Next Foundation. Either is acceptable. Please mail the check to The DBN Foundation, 8874 Porter Oaks Drive, Roscoe,IL. 61073

8. How can I share the story and background of The DBN Foundation with friends and potential donors?

The DBN Foundation has a website,, through our Facebook page, as well as reaching out to any of the Board members directly. We are always more than happy to discuss the origin as well as short and long term goals for The Foundation.

9. If I have an organization that I feel would benefit from a donation from The DBN Foundation, can I make that suggestion or is that done only through the Board of Directors?

We at the The DBN Foundation encourage different ideas and are always open minded to hear from people about potential, worthy recipients.

10. How much fun will I have if I participate in The DBN Foundation outings and fundraising events?

The DBN Foundation was built on the premise of providing activities and events that bring a different type of energy level unlike you have ever experienced before. The DBN Foundation brings enthusiasm, outside the box thinking and ideas that most people would only dare dream about doing. One thing that will NEVER be lacking at any of our events will be fun.